Juniors Global

Teaching students life, service and leadership in the global classroom

In it’s third year at Barclay College, Juniors Global is a cross-cultural, mission experience where students travel to various locations for 2-4 weeks. Prior to the trip, students will spend the spring semester preparing for cross-cultural communication and service, and will study location-specific material. General concepts such as language, ethnicity, gender, kinship, politics and religion will be researched. Special attention will be given to those aspects of cross-cultural ministry that are most relevant to effective evangelism, relationship building, and an understanding of discipleship in the cultural context. Eligible juniors will have a portion of their trip subsidized.


By the end of the course, students will:

  1. Explain the history, culture and spiritual climate of those in the location to be served as a result of journaling insights and lessons learned.
  2. Recognize God’s global presence by preparing for and working amongst the people in other cultures.
  3. Analyze formal (written documentation) and informal (non-verbal) cultural information.
  4. Implement, in a global context, skills and knowledge gained in the classroom.
  5. Identify aspects of culture that serve as barriers and benefits to cross-cultural ministry and devise strategies to overcome barriers or enhance the benefits.
  6. Build relationships with those in other cultures through mutual service.

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